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Como represents Sterling in New England and the Mid-Atlantic states. 

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A sweet water dragon. A ghost whale. And an irresistible elephant with wings! Learn to draw the cutest, most fantastical creatures, some from myth, some straight from Angela Nguyen's own imagination . . . all of them adorable!

Newest book in the bestselling Little Bit series from Sterling! Great gifty introductions to trending topics. Here  is an introduction to the practice of lucid dreaming—including instructions on how to do it yourself.

With 365 days of guidance, inspiration and positivity, this 5-minutes-a-day journal offers a clear path to attaining a grateful heart, greater connection, and a sense of well-being.

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Josh Funk is THE BEST and every bookstore should have him for storytime. This is a must have! - Maureen

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Tarot decks are wildly popular and Tillie Walden the illustrator of this gorgeous deck is too! Can't beat the winning combination! 

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Hear From James Whittaker about his new book, Andrew Carnegie's Mental Dynamite

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