Como Sales is proud to represent top publishers to independent bookstores, wholesalers and select retailers across the East Coast from Maine to Florida.  We would be happy to represent your books or products to our market.  Here is a little bit more information about what we do and how working with us will increase your sales and visibility to the very important independent bookstore market. 

When you contract with Como Sales, you will instantly obtain a sales team of four professionals who will represent your books in person to hundreds of bookstores. You will get the same visibility in our market as top publishers enjoy.  We also represent your books at trade shows, regional rep pick presentations and more. We are happy to provide feedback, alert you of special marketing opportunities and more.  And of course you are only paying for sales completed and paid for. 

We are happy to represent any independent publisher. Our publishers have a variety of agreements in place and even if you are contracted with another sales team there are a variety of ways you can supplement your coverage with our services. We've complemented sales teams in conjunction with distributors like Hachette and Simon & Schuster, while also handling sales for publishers that own their own warehouses. Some of our publishers have moved to work with us after working with distributors like Ingram as well. You have a lot of choice as a publisher, and we like to think our small, tailored team provides you with great flexibility. 

Why would I use a commission sales company when I have an in-house sales team or I can call on bookstores myself?


Independent bookstores are integral to getting your books in the hands of the right people. They are often the tastemakers of the industry, and of course they report to the New York Times bestseller list as well. But they are independent for a reason. Each store is different but they all have one similarity:  the buyers, managers and owners are swamped. Our reps have relationships with almost every bookseller in our territory. Many of us have been calling on these stores for 10 or more years.  So while these booksellers do not have time to flip through the thousands of catalogs they receive every year, they find time to meet with us two or three times a year to review our books. They trust our judgment, and will listen to us when we think a book is right for them.

In addition, while Como has been established as a commissioned rep group for over fifty years, our "bag" is relatively small.  It is much easier for your books to stand out when there aren't as many publishers to review. 

Does Como provide sales and services to accounts like Barnes & Noble, Ingram or others? 

Right now we do not. Our largest accounts currently are Brodart, the Paper Store and a few regional wholesalers like Hudson (not the main office). We also sell to Bookazine although we do not usually see them in person.  Our reps have sold to accounts like Ingram before, but right now we do not have agreements in place with our publishers with those accounts. 

Do you distribute books? 

No, we are a sales team only. You must have a distribution agreement in place. We will sell your products in conjunction with the other books and products in "our bag". We solicit orders from our booksellers and send them on as you instruct - to your distributor, you, or wherever you would like. 

I just need sales coverage for a few states, can I contract with you for a smaller territory? 

We would prefer to represent you to our entire territory. It's easier and cleaner and then there is no confusion when we meet with buyers at larger events like at rep picks or regional trade shows. That said, we are happy to discuss a particular arrangement with you. 

I need sales representation for more than just the East Coast? 

We have a close partnership with two other rep groups, Book Travelers West on the West Coast and Fujii Associates on the East Coast. While we are separate companies and you would contract with us individually, we work together often and you will find getting national coverage with us fairly easy and seamless. We share order and book databases so you can share data just once rather than between the three groups. We also share similar schedules so you can usually get all three groups together for seasonal sales presentations. If you need national coverage we cannot recommend the other two groups enough. 

Contact Maureen at for a sample contract, a list of the retailers we serve, or if you have any other questions!