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Welcome to my Spring 2021 Homepage! 



Hi Everyone! We found while working on the virtual trade show booth that having a website home for all of our publishers and content was very helpful, and decided to make a one-stop shop for Spring 2021 sell-in! Here you'll find all of my publisher markups, terms, and promos to help plan your Spring buys with Como.


First things first, let's set up a sales call!


The Spring season will still be virtual, so all appointments will happen by phone (or Zoom if you want -- though I know most of us are Zoom'd out at this point). Claim your slot on my calendar by clicking below! There is a morning appointment (10:30 am) and an afternoon appointment (3 pm) every day.


Or if you're not into the scheduler, shoot me an email or give me a call and we'll find a time!

Edelweiss Markups & Catalog Links

A Deeper Dive By Publisher


Spring '21 Event Grid and Summer '21 Event Grid

can't view these event grids? Email


FLATN: 10+ units receives 50% discount (55% NR), FF, 90 days dating


BK: 50+ backlist units receives 50% discount (55% NR); 75+ backlist units receives 51% discount (56% NR); 100+ backlist units receive receives 52% discount (57% NR); FF, 120 days dating




Code J: 15+ units receives +30 days dating (expires 12/31/20)

Code K: 25+ units receives +5% discount OR +6- days dating (expires 12/31/20)



10+ units = 50% discount, FF, 30 days dating




Cider Mill is distributed by Simon & Schuster so your order will be billed by S&S.

No minimums as it will just ship with your next S&S shipment.

Your discount will be 50% and free freight



Code HO20: 5 units receives a 49% discount and free freight (expires 12/31/20)



10+ units receives 44% discount and free freight 



10 units gets a 45% discount and free freight

15-49 units, 46% discount, free freight
50-74 units, 50% discount, free freight
75-99 units, 51% discount, free freight
100+ units, 52% discount, free freigh

Winter 2021 US CatalogueCover.jpg


Code Spring2021: 15+ units = 50% discount and free freight



Code COMO: 15+ units = 50% discount and free freight


50% discount, customer pays freight

password: WHOLESALE2021


$1.50 wholesale price, a 100 unit minimum per order including free freight. 

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