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Welcome to my Sell-In Homepage! 

Hi All, and welcome to the Fall 2022 season! This will be my final season selling Workman, but please don't count out the list of other wonderful publishers that I work with!

I'll be back on the road IN-PERSON this season, but since my territory is so giant now (all of NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD and DC) I will also be scheduling phone meetings for my weeks off in between trips. If you're interested in scheduling a phone meeting, please go ahead and click on my calendar below and nab a time!

For in-person meetings, I'll be reaching out to you by email to schedule.

Looking forward to talking soon!

Terms By Publisher

WORKMAN'S Regular Terms are now HACHETTE'S Regular Terms:

46% discount (50% NR), FF, net 30


WPBK: 50+ backlist units = 49% discount (53% NR); 75+ backlist units = 50% discount (54% NR); 100+ backlist units = 51% discount (55% NR); FF, net 90

Calendar Terms:

55% returnable

**see title-specific specials in the frontlist catalog**


UNION SQUARE & CO'S (fka Sterling) Regular Terms (Returnable Only):

10+ units = 50% discount, FF, net 30



45% discount (46% if submitted through EDI), FF, net 30

**billed and shipped by HarperCollins, so any order under should combine with a Harper order!**


CIDER MILL'S Regular Terms:

Returnable = 50% discount, FF, no minimum

Non-Returnable = 55% discount, FF, no minimum

**billed and shipped by Simon & Schuster, so you can combine!**


MICROCOSM'S Regular Terms (Returnable Only):

10+ units = 45% discount, FF, net 30

15+ units = 46% discount, FF, net 30

50+ units = 50% discount, FF, net 30

75+ units = 51% discount, FF, net 30

100+ units = 52% discount, FF, net 30


EERDMAN'S *NEW* Regular Terms:

10+ units = 50% returnable discount, FF, net 30


WS EDUCATION'S Regular Terms (Returnable Only):

5+ units = 45% discount, FF


TUPELO PRESS' Regular Terms (Returnable Only):

5+ units = 45% discount, FF


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