Welcome to my Spring 2021 Homepage! 

I found organizing the virtual booth so helpful, that I thought I'd try to do it for the Spring 2021 season as we continue to most likely be virtual (until school is full time at the very least!).  So here is your home base for everything you'll need to do a spring sales call with me either on the phone, zoom, or even on your own. 

Don't have a sales call set up with me yet? Do it now! Here's a link to my calendar with all available times laid out. Claim a slot for yourself! These are "suggested" times, we can edit the start time easily if you'd like. Or if you don't like this scheduler just email me! 

Edelweiss Markups & Catalog Links

Seasonal Promotions 

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Up above is everything you need all in one place, but if you want to deep dive into each publisher here is everything again organized by publisher! 


Spring '21 Event Grid and Summer '21 Event Grid

can't view these event grids? Email ally@workman.com

FLATN the Curve Promo

All retail accounts will receive a 50% (55% for NR accounts) discount, free freight and 90 day dating with a 10 unit minimum on ANY title, frontlist or backlist through June 2021.


Missing that extra 30 days? Sign up to be a backlist partner account with a qualifying order and get 120 days on everything for the WHOLE YEAR instead!!!

Submit a qualifying order: 50 units of backlist, must two each of 25 different titles. Order must be submitted by March 31st. 

Part of this program is a coop program – tell me 1 book a quarter you plan to promote, and you’ll get your coop automatically granted! (or use the easy online form).

If that’s too complicated, the traditional Backlist Stock-Up Offer still applies as well.


50+ units of backlist = 50% (55% NR), FF and 120 day dating

75+ units of backlist = 51% (56% NR), FF and 120 day dating

100+ units of backlist = 52% (57% NR), FF and 120 day dating

And finally, Workman offers a new store special for new accounts (or newly re-opened accounts under new ownership). A 55% returnable/60% NR discount and 120 day dating on one opening order, can include frontlist or backlist!

Up to $150 available in event coop with orders of at least 24 or more units of the authors books! And other coop opportunities available as well!


Promo A  

Through April 30th, 2021    Order 15+ units    Receive +30 days dating 

Promo B  

Through April 30th, 2021 Order 25+ units   +60 days dating

Backorders and NYP ok for both promotions


Otherwise, regular terms are 10+ units = 50% returnable and FF

Up to $100 coop available for events and up to $60 available for newsletter coop


They are distributed by Simon & Schuster so your order will be billed by S&S. No minimums as it will just ship with your next S&S shipment. Your discount will be 50% and free freight (woo hoo!)


Standard terms are 10 units for 45% and free freight

If you order 20 units, receive a 48% discount

If you order 30 units, receive a 49% discount



Through 12/31/20 they have a great holiday promotion, 5 units receives a 49% discount and free freight!  (partner stores get 52%!)


They have a 10 unit minimum and there terms are 44% and free freight. 


Standard terms are:

10 units gets a 45% discount and free freight

15-49 units, 46% discount, free freight
50-74 units, 50% discount, free freight
75-99 units, 51% discount, free freight
100+ units, 52% discount, free freigh

Winter 2021 US CatalogueCover.jpg

Use code Spring 2021

15 units = 50% and free freight


No Minimums!! Standard terms are 50% NR plus freight.  

Seasonal Promos: 

24 assorted units of stationery - back and front list combined - receive a 55% NR discount (extra 5%)

Limited to one order and expires on 6/1/2021.  Promotion Code: STSpr21

OR Free freight on any order more than $250 net of stationery (not to be combined with above) Code: STFREIGHT

Order 12 or more books and receive free freight, Code S21

Otherwise No minimum (or unit minimums) on stationery for a 50% NR plus free freight
Books are 45% returnable plus freight, no minimum


Code: COMO

15 units = free freight and 50% discount

New Publisher!!! 


Tupelo Press Spring 2021 PDF Catalog

(no edelweiss available)

They are a literary press located in North Adams, MA. I'm happy to represent their line! 

They have a 5 unit minimum for a 45% returnable discount and free freight. Books ship from North Adams, MA. 

New Publisher!!! 


WS Education Spring 2021 Catalog

Edelweiss TK

They are a new children's imprint of a global publishing company, World Scientific Publishing.  World Scientific has established itself as one of the leading academic and professional publishers in the world.  And now they are just introducing a brand new line of children's books and educational materials for a global audience! 

They have a 5 unit minimum for a 45% returnable discount and free freight. Books ship from Fitchburg, MA. 


New Banned Book Mask Available!!! 

No minimums but you do pay $12 in freight for any order with a matted prints or scarves or $5 for masks/tattoos only.  

Ongoing promotion is receive free freight for trying a new format - so if you try a mask for the first time you'll get free freight on your whole order! 


$1.50 wholesale price, a 100 unit minimum per order including free freight.