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Greetings! This is where I attempt at organizing ALL my publishers, their seasonal catalogs, promotions and more! 

Happy New Year! I'm no longer selling Workman but I have a lot in my bag and I'm excited to get out and begin selling my "Spring 2023" lists... which is a combo of Spring and Summer catalogs from my publishers! Click on the button below if you'd like to view my calendar and make a sales call. Otherwise I will hopefully be getting in touch with you soon! 

My Edelweiss Markups Covering Spring & Summer January-August 2023

Up above is everything you need all in one place, but if you want to deep dive into each publisher here is everything again organized by publisher! 


Union Square was formerly Sterling Publishing

Union Square & Co Adult Spring 2023

Union Square & Co Kids Spring 2023

(previous seasons in case you need to catch up!)

Union Square & Co. | Fall 2022 New Titles

Union Square Kids | Fall 2022 New Titles

Now sold by Como Sales for the entire east coast, including the south and Florida! 

Terms are 10+ units = 50% returnable and FF

Up to $100 coop available for events and up to $60 available for newsletter coop and B2B terms are available upon request in certain circumstances . 

logo (1).png

Welcome to my corner of Harper! I've coined the phrase "Harper Nashville" to describe these two divisions of Harper that I represent.  While editorially they are based in Nashville and operate independently, they do share Harper customer service & warehousing, so orders can combine and their terms are the same

Harper Nashville Adult Jan-Aug 2023 

Harper Nashville Kids Jan-Aug 2023 

Harper Collins Christian & Focus Summer/Fall 2022 Adult

Harper Collins Christian & Focus Summer/Fall 2022 Children

Orders can be submitted with no minimum and will combine with Harper terms, and will hold and ship with available Harper titles. Or orders can be combined with other Harper orders


Welcome to our newest publisher, Insight Editions! They are STILL distributed and shipped by Simon & Schuster, so they will operate much the way Cider Mill Press did. I will present you their new titles, and you can either submit an order through me (no minimum probably!) and I will send to Simon & Schuster, or you can add their titles to any Simon & Schuster order. 

Terms are always 50% discount and free freight, returnable, with no minimums!!! 

Even throwing on Insight titles to a Simon restock will still get you those terms on a mixed invoice! 

New Rep Special!!!! 

One ONE order, presumably created during our frontlist appointment, get a 52% discount as long as we've done a backlist review and you've taken a look at their backlist collection and/or gift collection and added on a few things! Runs through June 1st, 2023! 

CODE: S1446

Insight Editions Spring/Summer 2023

Insight Editions Top Selling Backlist 2022

(do a backlist order or add backlist to your Spring/Summer order and get an extra 2% discount!)


And welcome to our other new publisher, the Who's There Group featuring Knock Knock and Em & Friends! I think most folks are familiar with at least Knock Knock. The good news is these two lines once had you have to separate orders but they will be combining minimums and orders for us! Woo hoo! 

Terms are : 50% discount; $300 for first orders and $200 for reorders.

$5 service charge for orders below minimums.

Free Freight! 

If you would prefer to order through Faire, here are special links just for me. You have to meet their individual minimums in this instance though.


For the SOUTH only!!!! 


Sourcebooks Spring/Summer 2023  

Sourcebooks Fall 2022 Catalog 

Great Backlist Special! 

Runs -- 1/16/23 - 3/1/23

All titles shipping now

52% FF for 20+ units


They always have fabulous terms! 

15 unit minimum for a 50% discount and Free Freight! 

This year they are debuting the SPARK program!

An order of 30+ books made up of 8 titles (6 SPARK titles with 2 buyer’s frontlist choices) =53% discount

An order of 40+ books made up of 8 titles (6 SPARK titles with 2 buyer’s frontlist choices) =55% discount

For Kids-Only Stores: An order of 25+ books made up of 5 titles (3 SPARK titles with 2 buyer’s frontlistchoices) =55% discount

In addition to the discount this program also includes dating and coop! 

Titles eligible:

They also have fabulous programs like their Bookmarked for Bookstores Book Club Program and more. Ask me for details!


They are going to be distributed by Simon & Schuster for six months (until roughly April or May) and then they will become a full imprint of HarperCollins Focus (confusing much, huh). At that point I'll remove them from here and they will be treated as part of Harper


Standard terms are:

10 units gets a 45% discount and free freight

15-49 units, 46% discount, free freight
50-74 units, 50% discount, free freight
75-99 units, 51% discount, free freight
100+ units, 52% discount, free freight


New Promo! 

Buy 10 Books for a 55% discount, only through me! Free freight starts at 10 units as well. 


Southern States Only

Schiffer Spring 2023 Master Catalog 

15 book minimum receives a 45% discount, free freight as long as the order hits $150 net. 


Tupelo Press Fall 2022 Catalog

(no edelweiss available)

Top 25 Backlist Catalog

They are a literary press located in North Adams, MA. I'm happy to represent their line! 

They have a 5 unit minimum for a 45% returnable discount and free freight. Books ship from North Adams, MA. 


World Scientific Education Spring 2023


Rep Only Promo!  50% discount and FF returnable with only a 5 unit minimum!

Ships from Fitchburg, MA

They are a new children's imprint of a global publishing company, World Scientific Publishing.  World Scientific has established itself as one of the leading academic and professional publishers in the world.  And now they are just introducing a brand new line of children's books and educational materials for a global audience! 


It was simple, really. Akshata Nayak wanted to create a book in her native language, Konkani, for her daughter.  That idea blossomed into Little Patakha, a company committed to helping young minds discover different cultures, stories and ideas.

Littlee Patakha is a Vermont  based company. 

10 units or more = 40% and FF

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 11.26.22 AM.png

New England Prints Catalog

New England Prints Order Form (with pricing and minimums)

An assortment of bookmarks, blank notecards, boxed notecards, and a calendar from a New Hampshire-based photographer. 


No minimums but you do pay $12 in freight for any order with a matted prints or scarves or $5 for masks/tattoos only.  

Ongoing promotion is receive free freight for trying a new format - so if you try a mask for the first time you'll get free freight on your whole order! 


$1.50 wholesale price, a 100 unit minimum per order including free freight. 

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