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Booking Fall 2022 Sales Calls Now! I'm hoping to be in person with as many accounts as possible. This is also the last season I'll be selling Workman so help me end with them on a bang!! 

Edelweiss Markups & Catalog Links

Seasonal Promotions 
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Up above is everything you need all in one place, but if you want to deep dive into each publisher here is everything again organized by publisher! 


Each imprint has their own Spring 2022 PDF Catalog, Click here to view and download them: https://www.workman.com/retailer-information/catalogs

Workman's Fall Grids were already due but just ask me if you'd like an event with any of their authors. 

Also their galley checklist hasn't been updated yet but if/when it is I'll post here. If there's something you want to read just ask and I'll send along! 

Workman Bookstore Retail Terms

Workman's terms are now the same as Hachette, although any order placed before June 17th, 2022 was "grandfathered" in at the old Workman terms unless it was placed by Pubnet or other direct EDI terms (which is a very small # of orders).  

More on the transition

Anything shipping in 2022 will still be represented by me and my reps.  Any Workman title due to ship in 2023 will be sold in by the Hachette reps however. Workman's warehouse will continue to run independently well into 2023 however, so all Workman orders must be submitted separately from Hachette, as do returns. 


Now sold in the entire south and Florida! 

Terms are 10+ units = 50% returnable and FF

Up to $100 coop available for events and up to $60 available for newsletter coop and B2B terms are available upon request in certain circumstances . 

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Orders can be submitted with no minimum and will combine with Harper terms, and will hold and ship with available Harper titles. Or orders can be combined with other Harper orders


They have a 15 book minimum for 50% and free freight! 

 Calendars: Non returnable; 58% discount

Ask me about their great book club promotions! 


Cider Mill Press Master Spring 2022

(please note, use this catalog and not either of their Spring or Summer 2022 catalogs. They are a three season publisher and I've combined one and a half of their seasons into this one "Master" catalog!)

They are distributed by Simon & Schuster so your order will be billed by S&S. No minimums as it will just ship with your next S&S shipment. Your discount will be 50% and free freight (woo hoo!)


Spring 2022 Digital Sales Kit

Standard terms are:

10 units gets a 45% discount and free freight

15-49 units, 46% discount, free freight
50-74 units, 50% discount, free freight
75-99 units, 51% discount, free freight
100+ units, 52% discount, free freight

W22 online catalogue cover71221LG.jpg

Orca Spring 22

Spring 22 Digital Sales Kit

I only have Orca through July 31, 2022 and then they will have their own representation

     Through November 30, 2021 
- +5 points
- 90 days dating (excluding NYP titles)
- No minimum orders 
- promo code: INDIESFIRST


50% discount

and publisher-paid freight

Minimum order of 15 books

(any combination of frontlist and backlist)



Order only 10 units for a 50% discount and Free Freight! 


Tupelo Press Spring 2022 Catalog

(no edelweiss available)

Top 25 Backlist Catalog

They are a literary press located in North Adams, MA. I'm happy to represent their line! 

They have a 5 unit minimum for a 45% returnable discount and free freight. Books ship from North Adams, MA. 


World Scientific Education Spring 2022 


Through June 30, 2022 they are offering a 50% discount and FF returnable with only a 5 unit minimum!

Ships from Fitchburg, MA

They are a new children's imprint of a global publishing company, World Scientific Publishing.  World Scientific has established itself as one of the leading academic and professional publishers in the world.  And now they are just introducing a brand new line of children's books and educational materials for a global audience! 

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 11.26.22 AM.png

New England Prints Catalog

New England Prints Order Form (with pricing and minimums)

An assortment of bookmarks, blank notecards, boxed notecards, and a calendar from a New Hampshire-based photographer. 


No minimums but you do pay $12 in freight for any order with a matted prints or scarves or $5 for masks/tattoos only.  

Ongoing promotion is receive free freight for trying a new format - so if you try a mask for the first time you'll get free freight on your whole order! 


$1.50 wholesale price, a 100 unit minimum per order including free freight.